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    Your ideas: Seminars for Seniors

    Seminars for Seniors

    Arrange seminars for seniors in this region, teaching them the benefits of public banking and the need for them to support public banking. Seniors are the most active demographic on financial issues in this region.

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    Just made a donation to DC Public Banking Center


    $1,276.93 raised
    GOAL: $4,000.00

    Your donation will help support DC Public Banking Center's community events, outreach materials, and technical assistance -- all essential as we move forward. Working as volunteers ourselves with limited overhead, we will make every dollar stretch far.


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    Sign the petition

    Displaying DCPBC Logo #1.jpgLet the DC Council and Mayor know you support establishing a DC public bank to invest in our economy and create jobs, affordable housing, and small businesses, and provide an alternative to Wall Street banks.  Help build a better city for us all by signing the petition and ask your friends to sign.

    379 signatures


    We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor and the City Council to create a public bank for the District of Columbia that would:

    • Require our tax dollars be deposited in the DC Public Bank and not put at risk by private Wall Street banks making speculative investments

    • Make loans in partnership with local lenders to support DC businesses and create jobs for DC residents

    • Reduce the city’s borrowing costs for public investments that improve our quality of life

    • Help build an environmentally sustainable DC

    • Lend funds for affordable housing

    • Establish lending priorities based on regular input from DC residents

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