Advisory Committee

Gar Alperovitz, historian, political economist, author America Beyond Capitalism; founding principal of University of Maryland-based Democracy Collaborative

Brent Blackwelder, President Emeritus, Friends of the Earth; Board Member Potomac Riverkeeper, Foundation Earth, and Tax Justice Network USA

John Cavanagh, Executive Director, Institute for Policy Studies; Co-chair, New Economy Working Group

Chuck Collins, Co-founder Wealth for the Common Good, New Economy Working Group

David Easley, Veteran and Government Analyst

John Gloster, Senior Associate General Counsel, Howard University; Co-founder/President Ward 8 Farmers Market Cooperative

Rodney Green, Chair Economics Dept. Howard University; Executive Director, Center for Urban Progress

Arturo Griffiths, Labor Organizer

Graylan Scott Hagler,Rev. Senior minister, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ

Emily Kawano, Economist; Director, Center for Popular Economics; Director, U.S. Solidarity Economy Network

Linda Leaks, Alliance for Justice Advocacy, DC

Clark Madigan, Entrepreneur;  former head of regional bank, Manufacturers Hanover of Central NY

Larry Martin, Sustainable Community Initiatives

Stacy Mitchell,  Director, Initiatives on Independent Business and Community Banking for the Institute for Local Self Reliance

Michael H. Shuman, Economist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur, and a globally recognized expert on community economics

Paris Von Lockette, Consultant, International Finance

Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network; former staff to Council Member Phil Mendelson

Daphne Wysham, Coordinator, Genuine Progress Indicators Project, Institute for Policy Studies

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