Justice Rising Issue on Public Banking

The 20-page Spring 2014 issue of the Alliance for Democracy’s Justice Rising features an interesting mix of issues and perspectives on public banking. Articles include

  • Public Banks: Creating Public Money for the Public Good
  • In Solidarity With the People of Detroit
  • Accumulating Violence
  • Public Banking and Economic Democracy
  • Battle for Control of the Monetary System
  • AfD’s Campaign to Create Public Banks
  • How Do You Start a Public Bank?
  • DC Public Banking Center: Washington, DC
  • Public Banking Campaigns Across the Country
  • Vermont: Turning an Economic Development Agency Into a State Bank
  • The Bank of North Dakota
  • BND Is Thriving Today
  • Postal Banking: Prosperity For Struggling Communities
  • Kiwi Bank
  • German Banking Models
  • Public Banking: Groups, Books
  • 100  Years Is Enough: Time To Make the Fed a Public Utility