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Displaying DCPBC Logo #1.jpgLet the DC Council and Mayor know you support establishing a DC public bank to invest in our economy and create jobs, affordable housing, and small businesses, and provide an alternative to Wall Street banks.  Help build a better city for us all by signing the petition and ask your friends to sign.


We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor and the City Council to create a public bank for the District of Columbia that would:

  • Require our tax dollars be deposited in the DC Public Bank and not put at risk by private Wall Street banks making speculative investments

  • Make loans in partnership with local lenders to support DC businesses and create jobs for DC residents

  • Reduce the city’s borrowing costs for public investments that improve our quality of life

  • Help build an environmentally sustainable DC

  • Lend funds for affordable housing

  • Establish lending priorities based on regular input from DC residents

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