Justice Rising Spring 2014
The Spring 2014 issue of Justice Rising, published by the Alliance for Democracy, features a variety of articles exploring several aspects and models of public banking in the U.S. and beyond:

  • Public Banks: Creating Public Money for the Public Good (Ruth Caplan)
  • How do banks create money?
  • In Solidarity with the People of Detroit
  • Accumulating Violence (Jeremy Mohler)
  • Public Banking & Economic Democracy (Gwendolyn Hallsmith)
  • Battle for Control of the Monetary System: The Public Good vs. Private Banks (Jim Tarbell)
  • How Do You Start a Public Bank? (Tom Sgouros)
  • Public Banking Campaigns Across the Country
  • The Bank of North Dakota: Born out of Farm Foreclosures (Ruth Caplan)
  • Postal Banking: Prosperity for Struggling Communities (Ira Dember)
  • German Banking Models (Steve Seuser)
  • Currency should be “uniform, sound, cheap, stable, and elastic.” (George Butler)
  • America’s 30,000 post offices should offer desperately poor working families short-term emergency payday loans (USPS Inspector General)
  • 100 Years is Enough (Ellen Brown)
  • Public Banking Resources: books, organizations, local campaigns, and more.