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Campaign for a DC Public Bank Takes a Giant Step Forward: Feasibility Study Funded

The DC Public Banking Center was created several years ago to advocate for establishing a public bank  where municipal government revenues are deposited and loans issued to help finance affordable housing, small business and environmental sustainability.  By participating with local financial institutions like Industrial Bank and City First, a public bank will help strengthen our local banks and prevent them from being gobbled up by Wall Street.

Now we have very good news to share!  Thanks to initiative taken by Councilmember David Grosso, the FY18 DC budget has $200,000 to fund a feasibility study for a public bank. The funding came through the Committee on Business and Economic Development, chaired by Councilmember Kenyon McDuffie.  The study will be done under the auspices of the DC Dept. of Investment, Securities and Banking (DISB). 

We will be monitoring this study very closely to be sure that it covers loans for affordable housing and environmental sustainability, as well as for small business development.

Wall Street will not be happy when they see this moving forward, so it is urgent that we strengthen our base of support.  Please be sure to sign our petition, urge your friends to sign, and email your contacts.

DC can lead the way!

DC Council Adds Public Bank Feasibility Study Funding to Budget


Good news!  Thanks to action by Council Member Grosso, the DC Council is funding a public bank feasibility study in the city’s budget for next year.  His request went to the Committee on Business and Economic Development chaired by Council Member McDuffie.  DC Public Banking Center is in full support of this initiative. Why is the Council taking action now?

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